UPSTAiRS is a business space for creativity, productivity, personal & professional development and idea-sharing. Founded by a diversified group of talented Egyptian entrepreneurs, UPSTAiRS started a community of coworkers that embrace the notions of collaboration and innovation.

We are not just a shared office. We are not just a training venue with cool classes. Our professional working space is dedicated to dynamic and independent entrepreneurs, offering all advantages of office work, such as a business lounge, an office space, a meeting space, a training provider and a training facility.

We are here to help developing people and businesses. We provide all the office structure you need to work well and surround you by great people with experience to share.

We offer training courses in several areas with the greatest experts of the market, ready to teach you all you need to know in order to grow and sustain your business.

We organize events and meetings of professional and personal acceleration for you to learn new skills, meet great people and put your ideas out there. Every business needs new ideas, concepts, business models, partners, suppliers and, most of all, clients.

Every business needs excited people with guts to help speed things up. Here you`ll find all of that and, on top of it, you`ll get rid of the worries of paying lots of bills and maintaining an office.

In a working space, several companies and professionals may share the same work space, but not necessarily the same goal.

Each one chooses the best days and times to work and uses the structure of the office whenever it is necessary.

Thus, besides saving money (since working plans are flexible and more convenient than a traditional office) and getting rid of the bureaucracy, you will work while being surrounded by nice people who can become partners, suppliers, customers and, even better, friends. UPSTAiRS is extremely well appointed in the middle of street 90 with various multi-use areas including a business lounge, office spaces, meeting spaces, training spaces and an open air breakout terrace.

  • Bureau 175, On Rd. 90, New Cairo, Cairo, Egypt

  • 01099805505

  • + (20) 10 9980 5505

  • + (20) 2 2678 3560

  • info@upstairs.center